Dazaifu started 1300years ago

  • 大宰府政庁跡 正殿跡 石碑
  • 太宰府天満宮 本殿

Today’s Dazaifu City owes its name to an office called the Dazaifu, or“Government-General Headquarters,”which was established here approximately 1,300 years ago and which ruled all of Kyushu for a period of some 500 years.
Within the city are many historical sites which serve  as  reminders  of its past,  including the ruins of the Dazaifu itself,  the Mizuki (Water  Fortress),  Kanzeonji Temple,Chikuzen Kokubunji Temple, and Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine.
Within the Shrine perecincts are many plum trees, camphor trees, and irises, which provide events such as the New Year’s Exorcism Fire Festival (Oni-sube), the Spring Water Poetry Festival (Kyokusui-noen), and the Annual God-Procession Festival(Jinko-shiki), which takes place in the Fall.